Operational business controlling is used to regulate the internal processes necessary to monitor and direct of the company in the short term. It allows management making business decisions related to ongoing business operations which includes some of the main tasks like controlling the results, monitoring of profitability and improving effectiveness of use of existing resources.

A lot of companies lack operational transparency and the required consistent information for control. Therefore, leadership often, times is not well equipped with the relevant information to make decisions based on operational performance metrics especially around profitability. Month-end close reports take a lengthy time and only give a rear-view mirror look without any chance for management to react on an ad-hoc basis day-in and day-out.

Every company needs to develop and implement an optimized and holistic operational controlling concept designed to their specific business model. Streamlined processes, a close linking of quantity and value flow flows as well as a monitoring along profitability dimensions ensures the identification of operational improvement potentials and enables a corporate focus on fact-based driven management. We help clients from the very start of designing a solution to implementation of the related IT components, depicting the value flows on a transactional (ERP) level in order to create the necessary data basis for the required management information, as well as the visualization in a management specific BI reporting solution.

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